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What We Do

PIF seeks to maximize impact through innovation by investing in cutting-edge strategic projects in under-developed and vital sectors


PIF originates projects and invites local and international partners to co-invest, achieving average leverage ratios of 1:3
$1 Billion in Assets Under Management

With over $1 billion in assets under management, the Palestine Investment Fund is uniquely positioned to both originate projects in Palestine and usher in foreign investment through partnerships. PIF leverages its sizeable asset base to maximize impact, targeting investment towards innovative projects in critical sectors.

$800 million in Dividends to Government since 2003

PIF was established in 2003 with $625 million in initial capital. Since then, it has increased its assets to over $1 billion while returning more than $800 million to the Palestinian government in dividends. With a focus on achieving market-based returns, all with an eye towards maximizing impact, PIF supports its ultimate shareholders - the Palestinian people.

90% of Assets Invested in Palestine

PIF is not your typical sovereign fund. Whereas most funds seek to maximize returns by investing abroad, PIF seeks to maximize impact by investing at home. Over 90% of PIF's assets and investments are in Palestine - proving its commitment to sustainable and inclusive economic development. 

$2.4 Billion 2018-2020 Investment program

PIF is leading a catalytic $2.4 billion investment program over the next three years - targeting critical sectors such as agriculture, energy, real estate, and technology. For more, see its impact investment companies below. 

Operational Model
Three sector-driven impact investment arms and one asset management group

Real Estate
Industrial Parks
Subtainable Tourism

Energy Security
Green Power

Human Development

Strategic Investments
Minority Stakes
Specialized Funds

Good Governance at the Core

11-Member Board of Directors and 30-Member General Assembly
Annual Internal and External Audit from Big 4 firms, including EY and Deloitte