Bringing Palestine to market

Aswaq is the Palestinian Investment Fund's asset managment arm for local and global markets

$650+ Million Investment Program
Exploit emerging investment opportunities

Emerging opportunities are key to Aswaq and PIF's success - both to secure a steady flow of returns and to catalyze private sector development in Palestine. 

Aswaq is at the forefront of emerging investment opportunities in Palestine. From banking and telecommunications to healthcare and agriculture, Aswaq is bringing Palestine to market. For more, see below. 

Achieve market-based returns, mitigate risk

Aswaq provides PIF with liquidity to enable its impact investment program. Towards this end, Aswaq's investment strategy seeks to achieve market-based returns, while maintaining a diversified local and global portfolio with a focus on risk mitigation. 

Through two specialized funds - Khazanah and Rasmala - Aswaq strikes a return-generating, calibrated balance between the lucrative local Palestinian stock exchange and regional and global capital markets. 

Deploy equity to high-impact, strategic sectors

Aswaq seeks to catalyze investment in vital, underdeveloped sectors in Palestine which will maximize impact per dollar deployed. Towards this end, it targets investment towards the telecom, banking, industrial, healthcare, and trading sectors, among others. 

A selected list of notable Aswaq investments is below. 

Enable a dynamic Palestinian Stock Exchange

Aswaq is one of the most influential local investors in the Palestinian Stock Exchange (PSE). 

Local public market success is critical to growth and impact in Palestine. In addition to investing in local equity, Aswaq helps to bring companies to market through IPOs and facilitates growth and expansion through acquisitions and turnarounds. 

Aswaq Provides PIF with liquidity to enable its impact program - and invests in vital Palestinian companies

Aswaq launches major IPOs and strengthens key industries through acquisitions and turnarounds

Aswaq brings major Palestinian companies to market through IPOs

Aswaq is committed to strengthening strategic Palestinian companies through IPOs, acquisitions, and turnarounds - particularly by facilitating engagement in the Palestinian Stock Exchange.

Aswaq facilitated the initial public offering of Sanad Construction Comapny, a PIF-led initiative. 

Sanad's IPO launched in 2017 with success. It had a $164 million market cap at launch on the Palestinian stock exchange.

Acquisitions and Turnarounds
Aswaq has facilitated a number of acquisitions and turnarounds in Palestine

Aswaq has facilitated a number of acquisitions and turnarounds in Palestine. A few noteworthy examples of acquisitions and turnarounds include:

  • The Arab Specialized Medical Complex Company, which has developed multiple modern hospitals in Palestine
  • Sanad Construction Materials Company, Palestine’s leading investment company for the construction industry
  • Palestine Islamic Bank and the Arab Islamic Bank, two of Palestine’s leading Islamic banks
  • Jerusalem Electricity Distribution Company, which provides power to East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, among other villages and towns.
Through Khazanah, Aswaq invests broadly accross regional and global capital markets