From Vision to Creation

Amaar is Palestine's leading investment company for real estate and tourism

$220+ Million Investment Program
Horizontal Land Development

Amaar is engaged in a wide variety of horizontal land development projects which seek to provide affordable land around urban centers.

Notable examples are the Al-Reehan and Al-Jinan Neighborhoods, and the Ersal Business Center. More information on these projects below.

High-Impact Industrial Parks

Amaar is a leading investor in industrial parks in Palestine. These parks aim at streamlining Palestine's access to export markets, strengthening manufacturing, and creating sustainable employment opportunities. 

Major investments include the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) and the Tarqumia Industrial Park and Bonded Area. For more on on these projects, click here, or see below. 


Sustainable Tourism

Through the Yabous Tourism Company, a fully-owned subsidiary, Amaar is investing for impact in Palestine’s tourism sector – a critical driver of sustainable economic growth.

Inclusive Economic Growth

Amaar sees land development and tourism as critical drivers for inclusive economic growth in Palestine. Its investments are helping to build a more innovative, prosperous, and sustainable Palestinian economy.

Al-Reehan and Al-Jinan NeighborhoodsProvides modern, affordable housing

Al-Reehan Neighborhood

The Al-Reehan Neighborhood is located just 10 kilometers north of Ramallah and is connected to the Ramallah governate’s main highway network. The neighborhood includes seventeen high-rise apartment buildings, 42 villas, two prestigious executive towers, and a state-of-the-art commercial center.

Al-Jinan Neighborhood

The Al-Jinan Neighborhood is a residential neighborhood located near the Arab American University of Jenin. It is the first planned development in Jenin which is equipped with modern road and electricity infrastructure. The neighborhood covers an area of 77 dunums, and includes 54 semi-independent residential units and 28 residential units.

More neighborhood development projects like this are coming to Birzeit, Jericho, and Surda.

Ersal Business CenterProvides modern, affordable housing

The Ersal Business Center is quickly becoming Palestine’s leading business and commercial hub. Located in the heart of the twin cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, the Ersal Business Center is home to a host of leading local and international companies.

Upon completion, the Ersal Business Center will feature eleven multipurpose business towers, equipped with modern infrastructure in an accessible and convenient location. Two towers have already been completed: the Amaar Tower, a thirteen-floor building which is home to PIF, Amaar, Sanad, and PWC, among others; and the CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company) Building, which serves as the company’s corporate office.

The Bank of Palestine and Al-Quds Bank, two other leading Palestinian companies, have completed the design and licensing of their own corporate offices in the Ersal Center.

Jericho Agro-Industrial ParkStreamlines regional and global exports

Amaar is proud to be an investor in the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP).

JAIP is a sector-driven, eco-friendly industrial park close to border crossings outside the Palestinian city of Jericho. The park provides businesses with the industrial space, resources, and services they need to maximize their potential, providing tangible benefits to the Palestinian economy.

JAIP has amassed investments from a wide variety of investors, including the Government of Japan, the Palestine Real Estate Investment Company, the Palestine Investment Fund, and Sanabel, among others. 

Yabous Tourism CompanyRevitalizes hospitality and tourism

Through the Yabous Tourism Company, a fully-owned subsidiary, Amaar is investing for impact in Palestine’s tourism sector.

Hotel Investments

  • Grand Park Hotel, Jerusalem
  • Grand Park Hotel, Bethlehem
  • Grand Park Hotel, Ramallah
  • Millennium Hotel, Ramallah
  • Al Mashtal Hotel, Gaza City
  • Jacir Palace Hotel, Bethlehem
  • Golden Gate Hotel, Jerusalem

Bazaars and Convention Centers

The Yabous Tourism company seeks to expand Palestine’s tourism offer by investing in convention centers, open air markets, and historic spaces.

The Bethlehem Convention Palace

The Bethlehem Convention Palace is Palestine’s most sought-after platform for political, commercial, and cultural events. Located next to the ancient Solomon Pools in Bethlehem, the Palace features a top-notch amphitheatre, multiple ballrooms, and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Jerusalem Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is a planned open-air market located in Jerusalem’s old city. A registered UNESCO archaeological site, the Bazaar was renovated and expanded by Salah ad-Din Ayyubi in the 10th century to serve as a hospital for Jerusalem residents and soldiers. It is located on Jerusalem’s al-Bazaar street, about 500 meters from the Hebron gate. 

Moon City Catalyzes real estate development in the Jordan Valley

Moon City is a brand new development in Jericho which will include housing and commercial developments, as well as tourism destinations along the Dead Sea.

The city hosts Madinat Al Qamar, a 550-acre residential neighborhood with modern infrastructure and housing. 

For more on Moon City, as well as other upcoming real estate projects in Amaar's portfolio, visit their website here

In the works
Jerusalem Commercial CenterStrengthens Palestinian presence in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Commercial Center, or JCC, is a planned development in the heart of East Jerusalem, a ten-minute walk away from the old city.

This mixed-use, eight-storey facility will feature retail shops, a new hotel, and five floors of parking and storage space.

The JCC’s strategic location strengthens Palestinian presence in their capital city. JCC will be located at the corner of Nablus Road and St. George’s Street, with immediate access to the Jerusalem light rail’s Damascus Gate station. It will serve as a hub for business and commerce in Jerusalem, providing Palestinians with new retail options near the center of town.

Tarqumia Industrial Park and Bonded Area, near Hebron

Tarqumia will soon become Palestine’s gateway to the world.

The Tarqumia Industrial Park and Bonded Area (TIP), located near Hebron, will serve as an export gate for regional and international market. TIP will link to Israeli ports, as well as to the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park, linking Palestine to Arab countries and beyond.

A $64 million investment, TIP will provide investors and businesses with state-of-the-art hangars, land, logistical solutions, utility services, and more. It will enhance the productivity of the industrial sector, allowing Palestinians to compete locally and internationally. With its strategic location close to border crossings, TIP will streamline production and create efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

New Hotel Properties in Jerusalem

Through Yabous, Amaar is investing in several new hotel properties in Jerusalem. More information coming soon.