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Massader – Impact Investment

Laying the Foundations of the Future

Massader invests in large-scale strategic projects aimed at developing Palestine’s natural resources and infrastructure. Established in 2015, Massader is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Palestine Investment Fund.

Massader’s vision is a connected and energy-secure Palestinian state with inclusive economic growth, modern infrastructure, and a commitment to sustainable energy practices. Massader’s mission is to invest in large-scale strategic projects aimed at developing Palestine’s natural resources and infrastructure, utilizing public-private and co-investment partnerships to maximize impact.

Massader’s investment program is approximately $2.2 billion, with PIF’s contribution at around $200 million. The company’s work is guided by fourmain strategic objectives:


Since its inception in 2015, Massader has played a leading role in catalysing investment towards vital projects in Palestine, such as the Jenin Power Plant and Wamda Fiber Optics services. These strategic investments ensure Palestine’s development in a swift and sustainable manner – with a tangible impact on job creation and economic growth.


Azem Bishara is Chief Executive Officer of Massader, Palestine's leading natural resources and infrastructure development company. Prior to his tenure as CEO, he served as Massader’s Legal Advisor, where he devised and facilitated exploration, production sharing, turn key, and purchase agreements for a number of energy-related projects in Palestine. 

Mr. Bishara has extensive experience across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. As an Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Palestine from 2013-2015, Mr. Bishara led work on the Initiative for the Palestinian Economy, a collaborative effort between the public sector, international organizations, and private sector to enable transformational economic change in Palestine. He also led the team that prepared the National Reconstruction Plan for Gaza following the 2014 crisis, which was presented at the International Conference on Gaza in Cairo and yielded over $5 billion in donor pledges. 

A former Chevening scholar, Mr. Bishara holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University College of London.