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Amaar – Impact Investment

Amaar - From vision to creation

The Amaar Group is Palestine’s leading impact investment company for real estate and tourism. Established in 2009, Amaar is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Palestine Investment Fund.

Amaar’s vision is a prosperous Palestinian state underpinned by a thriving, accessible, and growth-generating real estate market with a sustainable and profitable tourism sector. Amaar’s mission is to offset the shortage of industrial, commercial, and residential real estate in Palestine by providing affordable land around urban centers that is suitable for end-use or private development, and to strengthen the tourism and hospitality sectors through strategic investments.

Amaar’s $150+ million investment portfolio is focused broadly in four main strategic areas:

Since its establishment in 2009, Amaar has played a leading role in accelerating real estate development and boosting sustainable economic growth in Palestine. By streamlining the horizontal  land development process – and providing critical investments in industrial areas – Amaar ensures Palestinian communities have access to affordable real estate, modern infrastructure, and an integrated supply chain.



Amir Dajani is Chief Executive Officer of Amaar. Mr. Dajani manages Amaar's $220 million investment portfolio in real estate and tourism. 

Prior to joining Amaar Mr. Dajani served as the Deputy Managing Director of Bayti Real Estate Development, the developer of Rawabi with a budget of $ 1.2 Billion. For eight years he was responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, supervising the technical and operations teams to ensure timely attainment of all critical project milestones.

Mr. Dajani sits on the boards of many local companies including the Jericho Agriculture Industrial Park JAIP, the Arab Hotels Company, Al Quds Holding, the Grand Park Hotel, the Capital Hotel, The Golden Gate Hotel Project, the Jerusalem Commercial Center Company, the convention center in Bethlehem, the Jasir Palace Hotel. Also, Mr. Dajani served previously as a board member of the Jerusalem Electricity District Company (JDECO) 


Key Amaar leadership:

Chairman of the Board – Dr. Mohammad Nasr

Department Head, Commercial & Business Development – George Rafidi

Department Head, Development – Ahmad Sadaqa

Department Head, Finance – Badi Qadan

Department Head, Administration – Usama Aburdeneh

Senior Manager, HR – Nabeel Salameh

Senior Manager, Development – Majdi Shawar

For more information on Amaar, please visit their website